Saturday, October 13, 2007

Just chillin'

I'm a person who is used to a lot of down time during the day and the last few days have been crazy and this upcoming week is going to be crazier yet so today we slept in and made no plans. We went to the foodstore. I made French Toast for some of the roommates for brunch. The girl from France , Mai-Lys, had never heard of French Toast. How is that possible? The roommates (really flatmates) are ; my John, the other John from New Jersey also , Nick from Pennsylvania, Mai-Lys from France, Christina from Germany and Piia from Finland. It's a nice flat because everyone has their own bedroom. There are two bathrooms and a kitchen/dining room.
John spent a couple hours researching our London/Rome/Paris trip this afternoon. He's planned pretty much everything. I baked a cake and looked out the window. I know it sounds boring but I was fascinated. I come from a long line of people who enjoy looking out windows. Anyway, I made a nice dinner (Roast Chicken, Salad and Pumpkin Spice Cake with Cinnamon Whipped Cream) . I've declared myself House Mother and I'm trying to get everyone to eat an orange (some of them have terrible coughs). Now it's almost 10 pm and everyone is out. John ,the other John and Nick are out at a pub with a few mates watching a Rugby game (France vs somebody). I was invited to come along but I'm just not the sporty type (or the pub type). So, I've taken a shower and done some dishes, wrote some emails and looked out the window some more. I wish I brought a book, but Johnno showed me how to watch a movie on his laptop (they don't have a telly).
Tomorrow- Stonehenge- the biggest henge in the world!!! Don't click the link if there are children around- it's funny, but it's fresh.

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PamelaJ said...

You are so smart to fit in the down time. It will allow you to enjoy all the rest. The guys in the video are just amazing. And the French do not know about french toast? How weird is this world?

Be careful that you do not start a domino effect at Stonehenge. The whirlwind personality you carry could have worldwide consequences!