Friday, October 12, 2007

Blogging from England

Friday morning -- Well I'm here in John's room on his laptop!
The flight over was good- a lot of turbulence but Thank God for Xanex. I was able to sleep a little. My friend ,Julie, was one of the flight attendants and it was fun seeing her act so professional and wearing her cute little outfit! I stayed with her at the nicest hotel on Thursday. I slept in a gorgeous big bed with a down comforter and a feather pillow. After we slept a couple hours Thurs morning, we went to explore Bristol. Julie led the way and it was all uphill! We climbed this huge hill to get to Cabot Tower. Then we climbed a million or so steps to the top of the tower (it's like these people have never heard of elevators). The views were worth it however. A little hazy so I'm not sure how the pictures will turn out. We basically had no plans so we just wandered about. We came upon this area where the skateboaders hang out and do tricks. It's not easy to skateboard on cobblestones. I took a few pics for Griffin and Riley to see. After walking and window shopping, we realized that we weren't too far from Rupert Street which is where John lives so we decided to try and find him(I had told him not to expect me until Fri.) . Everyone here is so friendly and willing to stop and try to help with directions. Unfortunately everyone we asked for help didn't have the foggiest notion where Rupert Street or Nelson House was. At one point we didn't realize we were on Rupert St and were asking for directions and no one could help. They all seemed real sorry about it though. We managed to find him and he was in!A very nice reunion. We met some of his flatmates and visited for a little while. Then Julie and I left and wandered about some more. We went to this lovely restaurant for dinner. Julie had the Mushroom and Onion pie with mashed potatoes and peas. I had half a roast chicken with roast potatoes, sausages and these fried cornbread stuffing balls which may be the most wonderful thing I've ever put in my mouth*. Then we walked back to the Hotel and watched some British reality TV and went to bed about 10. Unfortunately I woke up at 12:30- and stayed awake for a few hours. I kept dreaming that I went shopping at Target and I had forgotten to tell Griffin and Riley where I was going and I couldn't find anyone to lend me their cellphone so I could call them. Julie was there in my dream but she was busy buying an exercise bicycle. Dream interpretation anyone? Anyway, I did finally get back to sleep for a few hours. This morning Julie had an early flight home and I took a taxi to Johnno's. I could have walked but too much luggage. We made some plans and had a cup of tea before he had to go to class. I'll probably hang out here for a couple hours then go walking for a bit. It's tricky because I have no key to get back in and John doesn't get back until 2:30 . Tonight, we're planning a trip to the foodstore and maybe a dinner out. I'll try to have John help me put up some pics later.

* "That's what she said." Michael Scott - The Office, Thurs night, NBC (Pam- that was for you)


Aimee said...

Yeah, you made it! We already miss you...hurry home! I'm glad you are having fun.

Aimee said...

Hey, nice hotel!

PamelaJ said...

Cornbread stuffing balls, the best thing I may have ever put in my mouth -- "That's what she said." I'm cackling like the witch of Halloween. And wait until you see the episode you missed! OMG!

Love the shots of the cranberry sauce . . . and John is so ridiculously cute.