Monday, October 8, 2007

"Secret Confessions"

I've been loving this latest thing going around blogland- "Secret Confessions"- just the kind of thing I love to read about- I first came across it here and here and I thought I might give it a try-
  • I want to learn to play the flute (again) . My sister, JoAnne gave me a flute for Christmas last year and so far I've remembered how to play "Mary had a little Lamb" and the first half of "Yankee Doodle". I think I might want to be a street performer someday and play my flute on a street corner in N.Y.C. Maybe after I learn a few more songs.
  • I would like to own my dream car- a vintage V.W. Beetle.
  • I would like to get one more tattoo ( O.K. maybe two more, certainly no more than three more)
  • I need to go back* to Stonehenge. This I'm planning to do in a week or two!!!
  • I would like to play with my Grandchildren someday.
  • I would like to organize all the photos I've taken of my boys and make them all a scrapbook of their childhood.
  • I would like to actually post something I've made for sale in my Etsy shop. (and also to have someone buy it!)
  • I would like to travel the full length of Route 66 with my husband in our brand new luxury R.V.
  • I would like to buy a luxury R.V.

*I've never been to Stonehenge in this lifetime, but I'm pretty sure I was a Pagan High Priestess a few lifetimes ago and I used to hang out there all the time. I'm also pretty sure my husband , in a past life, was one of the human sacrifices that I ordered. Which is why in this lifetime I get the urge to kill him sometimes. Not anyones fault, just past life regression. ;0)


PamelaJ said...

Please, please, please let me know when you will be playing the flute on the street in NYC, as this is my favorite! I can see you with a long flowing skirt and flowers in your hair . . .

Roxanne said...

Pam- you got it! How are you on the tambourine? I see us as a duet.

Jeannie said...

Check out the soon-to-launch website: