Friday, October 5, 2007

Rummage sale treasures

Here's some of the treasure I found from two different Rummage sales this week.
Top Photo- two owls- 10 cents.
Middle Photo- Love those shabby chic candlesticks made from dowels (25 cents for the pair). The candles are the kind that are meant to drip a lot (50 cents for all). These were a big hit at the dinner table tonight.
Bottom Photo- a new(ish) pair of Uggs in my size- $1.50!!!!!
Not shown- lots of clothes (in the washer) - vintage AC/DC sleeveless T shirt for Riley, various toys (magnet building set, hackey sack, mini stakeboard, etc.) , pumpkin lights for Halloween ,and a mini mug so tiny and sweet with John's name on it (free).


Claire said...

your owls are so cute! And I think I had those shoes!

Sue said...

I really like your site. And I've been surfing Craigslist and everywhere else for the past several hours... lurking is quite addictive!

Sarah and Jack said...

Haha, those owls make me laugh.