Monday, August 27, 2007

R is for Riley

Riley-burger aka The Ketchup Kid - Guess who finally saved up enough dinnero to buy himself an electric guitar? Riley will be a teenager in two days and we're celebrating with a sleepover. Today we went to the food store and stocked up for the great event. There will be make your own pizzas- and an ice cream sundae bar with brownies and candy and some chips and soda. Basically junk food and video games and absolutley no sleeping.

Riley loves-Ketchup and condiments of all kinds, Runescape, Harry Potter, processed meat products, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, Music- esp. Led Zepplin and Dragonforce, playing guitar, Nintendo Wii, hanging with his homeboys, money, Coca-Cola, collecting coke points, N.J.Giants, hats and gum.

Riley hates- Pepsi, chores, Dallas Cowboys, mosquitoes, getting haircuts, putting in his retainer, waiting his turn for the computer and re-runs.

Video of Riley playing his new guitar--

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