Thursday, August 9, 2007

Got Skills?

  • E is for Extreme Sports Expo- which is how I spent my day. Who has more fun than me? We went to Point Pleasant Beach this morning and met up with my friend Aimee and her kids. The water was very rough - yellow flag (caution) but, Griffin went in anyway, of course. We watched BMX biking- Hell on Wheels- Parachute jumping- and we waited a couple extra hours to see the Globe of Death (insert evil laugh). The third photo is two motorcycles spinning around each other in the globe. Griffin took some great footage with his video camera and will be editing another movie for his You Tube account tomorrow. Click on the link to go see some of his skateboarding movies. The boys had a great time and it was a good day but, waiting around for the Globe of Death made us an hour late for...........
  • F is for Family dinner. My "cousin" Jamie, her husband and son have come down to the shore for a couple days and my Mom invited us all for dinner. She served chicken and pasta and ham and mac and cheese and hotdogs and salad and eggplant and... let's just say there was something for everyone. I really enjoyed it- three of my four sisters were there (I'm the oldest of five girls!) and all the cousins. I have eight nieces and nephews on my side (two more nieces on Tims). Griffin and Riley had a great time hanging with their cousins. I gotta say if you're gonna show up late- arrive with a platter of ultimate brownies and all will be forgiven.

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