Wednesday, August 8, 2007

  • C is for computer- kinda a love/hate thing- it just ate my 1st draft and it keeps getting viruses lately. Still, I'm on it everyday and I can't imagine how we got along without it.
  • C is for collage- sorry about how blurry the photos are- haven't read the booklet that came with my camera yet. Bottom photo is of a couple of my latest collages .
  • C is for crafts- a true stressbuster for me and also my favorite way to hang out with friends.
  • C is for clean-- doesn't come natural to me- but, I really love it when the house is cleaned up and I'm getting better everyday.
  • C is for Craig's list- a lifesaver for us- we sold a car and posted "curb alerts" and recently when our dryer broke we were able to get another one for free!
  • C is for central air conditioning- usually I'm fine without it- but its been high 90's here and our window units aren't cutting it!

  • D is for decoupage -top photo is one of my mosaic mirrors- I loves me my ModgePodge.
  • D is for Doris Day- I can't really explain why I love her so. This Saturday (the 11th) there will be a marathon of her movies - click on her name for the link to Turner Classic Movies.
  • D is for Disney World / Land - the Happiest Place on Earth !
  • D is for Decluttering-- a daily struggle.

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