Friday, August 24, 2007


L is for love..... I love my home and family and these flowers my sister-in-law gave me last weekend for my birthday present.

M is for Mom. My mom is out tonight with the boys- "back to school" shopping. She takes all her grandchildren out (one family at a time) for a new shirt or backpack or shoes or something. I'm so glad she still does this with my boys even though they don't go to school. Afterward, they are planning to go out for ice cream. Tim and I went out to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday next week. Tim will be on a business trip on the actual day.

N is for New Jersey. The Garden State. The butt of many jokes. My home. I love it here. We've got the beach, the parks and we never run out of things we could do. I'm not saying we do a lot- but it's nice to know that it's there if we want to.We live about a ninety minute drive from New York City- another thing we don't do so much. It's about an hour to Philadelhia- another thing we don't... well, you get the idea. Now, Baltimore and Washington D.C. aren't that close , but we have done them as daytrips. I tell the boys how lucky we are to live in this state and especially so close to the ocean and that people save all year to take a weeklong vacation here.

O is for old costume jewelry. I love to collect pieces from Rummage sales, Garage sales, Thrift stores,etc. This old rhinestone pin is from a nearby thrift store and was $2.00, which is about twice what I usually like to spend but I just loved it. I don't really wear jewelry much- sometimes a ring and a pair of earrings , but necklaces and bracelets tend to annoy me quickly. Still, I like to use old pieces in my work and I like to unstring necklaces to make bead dolls.

Post script-- the title of this post refers to the way my boys always sang L M N O during the Alphabet Song- so cute- like it was one word.

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