Saturday, September 1, 2007

S is for Studio

S is for Studio- I'm gonna call it a "Before" picture- but it's actually "after" I moved things around a bit.
It's been a crazy week- Tim was on travel all last week (to California!). It was Rileys and my Birthday. We had a sleepover party. I found little ants in my pantry, our toaster broke and Johnno got in a car accident. He's fine and our car is mostly fine but the neighbor's car is gonna need some work. So I alone dealt with bugs, teenage boys and insurance companies.
Well, this weekend is looking up- today I went to the Ocean Grove Craft Show and tomorrow I plan on crafting with my friend, Laura.

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Laura said...

I'm a Laura too, can I come play in your studio? :) I saw your link on Diana's blog and thought I'd hop on by as I sit with coffee on this quiet, sunshiney morning. I'm always enamored with studios (and people who HAVE studios) because I'm craft-challenged but wish I was not. I enter them with the same sort of reverence most would show in church (another place I'm challenged - grin). Maybe if I set up a studio the ideas would come? :)