Monday, February 4, 2008

Day trip to Philadelphia!

It's so great that Johnno came home this weekend to watch the Super Bowl with his Grandpa, Dad and brothers- three generations of Giants fans together to watch their team win!!! But he had a class today and I had to drive him back to school this morning. He goes to TCNJ (The College of New Jersey) which is in Trenton. So I start thinking about how Trenton is only about 1/2 hour from Philly and before you know it I made a sack of PB&Js and we were on the road. I had googled some directions on how to get there coming from the south but it turns out Trenton is north of Philly (it's a very distorted map that lives in my head). John convinced me that I really did want 95 south and we dropped him off at school and drove into the city with no problems. We found street parking a couple blocks away from the Historic center. We toured the Mint, put a penny on Ben Franklin's grave, saw a movie at the visitors center and took pictures in front of the Liberty Bell. They let you out of the Liberty Bell right in front of the Independence Hall (where they signed the Declaration of Independence) but the boys were over the whole history thing and Griffin was feeling tired so we didn't go in. We got some cheese steaks from a street cart and were back on the road by 2:30. We got home by 4- Griffin and Riley went straight for the X-Box and Halo and I took a little nap. Tim came home with pizza for dinner. A really good day.
My thing-a-day for today is the pictures I took in Philly- you can see them here on my Flickr account.


PamelaJ said...

You are jammin' with this craft-a-day thing, and I'm so impressed that you made it to Philadelphia. If I had a quarter for every time I've said, "We live so close! Why don't we go there?", I'd be able to finance an overnight.

Do you think some people might think it's dorky that I comment on every single blog entry? I'm always surprised not to find 50 comments on this fantastic blog of yours!

Anonymous said...
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