Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh happy day!

I'm going to be an Aunt again (and again)! My youngest sister is having twins! She's due sometime in Sept. The best news-ever.
My day started with taking Griffin to have some blood drawn for a couple tests and it didn't go well. All I'm allowed to post is that he fainted (twice) because for some reason he thinks that's cool. He doesn't want me to write about anything else ("I can't see" "I can't feel my legs" " You're so taking me to Dunkin Donuts") So I'll just say- it was a scene, man. And Tim's taking him if he has to go back. If they ever let us back in. Griffin's in fine spirits now and just today finally dropped in on the half-pipe. I took some video but for some reason it's not posting -hopefully I'll figure it out later. I have to say this posting every day thing is starting to wear thin. Today's thing-a-day.....doodle on an envelope, terrarium and soup. Now it's time to go to Riley's guitar lesson.
Terrarium I planted today- open windows- gorgeous breezy weather- feels like spring.

Split Pea soup in the crock pot.


Aimee said...

After seeing the picture of the soup I hafta say....You take pictures of EVERYTHING! Contrats on the aunt thing.

Mosaic*Queen said...

I once thought that I'd post everyday.......that failed! (LOL!) Congrats to your sister!! WOW!! Twins!
Hugs to you!

PamelaJ said...

Congratulations, Auntie. The only possible way to make a baby better is to make two. Twins!

In case there is difficulty in finding names, I would like to suggest Bo & Mo.

My sister and I are named after twins in a series of novels from the 1950's, Pam and Penny.