Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fern and product endorsement

Today's Thing-a-Day- I re-potted a plant and took 28 pictures of it. I'll be kind and only make you look at two. The pot was purchased at a rummage sale last year($1.00).

I also made these gingerbread cookies. They taste pretty good- if you can get past how healthy they look. I didn't have the energy to roll the dough out and use cookie cutters so I just plopped them by the spoonful on a cookie sheet. I used applesauce in the mix instead of butter and after they cooled I frosted them with a powdered sugar glaze. They smell like Christmas.

Can you see the healthy? It's right there under the frosting.


Anonymous said...
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PamelaJ said...

It's a little unfriendly of you to post pictures of these lovely dessert items when you are unable to offer me one. Damn it. Those cookies look delicious!

By the way, do you remember our conversation about hometowns? Did you notice I moved? LOL