Thursday, February 7, 2008

The art. Part the Second

This afternoon when we came back from 4H the boys were looking for a snack. Not pretzels, no to granola, an apple? no way. I remembered these ready to bake cookies in the freezer. I bought them on sale the day after Halloween. So we defrosted them, decorated and baked them and had our sugar fix. Griffin made a huge sprinkle covered work of art and the carrot shaped one. I think that one looks positively healthy. Like it should have beta-carotene in it. You can feel your eyesight improving as you eat it. Sticking with the Halloween theme, I made a pumpkin pie that was also forgotten, then found in the freezer. So baking- that's my thing-a-day for today.

The cookie as art.... Part the First.

Oh- and I also re-dyed my pink streak-- I am my own canvas.


Eden said...

The carrot. She is cool. The hair. She is even cooler.

Why am I talking like this?

PamelaJ said...

I agree! I love the carrot and the hair! Perhaps next time the carrot could be pink and the hair orange? There is no better mother than one who makes Halloween treats in February.

I am in awe!

Aimee said...

Yes, that cookie does look healthy. Maybe thats what I need to do. Instead of sneaking vegetables into my food, I will just shape them like vegetables! BTW, I think this one a day thing is perfect for you, because you are always doing something. You do at least 1 thing a day anyway, and art is such a subjective word!

piscesgrrl said...

Love the hair streak! What do you use to dye it?