Friday, February 22, 2008

Art ?....or Ammo?

Today Griffin made a pyramid snow sculpture he calls "Art?.... or Ammo?". And I took pictures for my thing-a-day. Griffin and Riley both got snowball makers for a Christmas present and finally we've had enough snow so they can use them. It was very good packing snow.
About a month ago Tim was outside raking leaves and a woman came up to him and gave him a card with a picture inside. She had taken a lovely picture of our house with the fall foliage around it, printed it out and dropped it off as a gift. Tim talked to her for a minute or two and she left. So today I look out my kitchen window and see someone taking pictures in my yard. I go outside and meet MariaNella. She came here from Italy 30 years ago as a young bride. She lives three blocks away. She loves taking pictures and from what she showed me on her digital camera she has a rare talent. Her family had an apartment on the French Riviera when she was growing up. Her father owned a hardware store. She displayed her photographs at the library here in Brick two years ago. We spoke for a little while as the snow turned to rain. I invited her in but she had to go. She said she would come back though. I made her so happy when I told her I took 20+ pictures of yesterday's lasagna ingredients. She held my hand and told me we were "muy simpatico" . MariaNella- you made my day.


PamelaJ said...

The title is art in itself.

I would have locked the door and hid from the old lady.

Aimee said...

Wow! I would have too Pam. Why is that???