Monday, February 25, 2008

Unfinished sculpture on a stick

When I began doing the Thing-a-Day, I thought I would do all different kinds of art. But I've pretty much been sticking with the things that are most comfortable for me- collage, cooking, photography, atcs. Well there is only five days left until the end of February so if I was ever going to try something different now would be the time. I've had this plaster of paris for a while now and I decided to try my hand at a little sculpture. A zoftig type Goddess doll. This is not what she looked like in my head. But I'm still working on her. I hope to finish her tomorrow. She needs a face and I'm a little nervous about my drawing skills with that. She needs a shirt (or does she?). I'm going to make some sort of dangling bead thing for her other hand- or stump really cause I didn't know how to make the hands so I didn't. She has no legs either- she's sculpture on a stick!

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