Saturday, September 22, 2007

Henna Pictures

Last night I went to my friend Julie's house for a book discussion / party. The book was Eat , Pray , Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Julie asked everyone to bring a dish inspired by the Indian, Indonesian or Italian locations in the book. Instead of bringing food , I made up a double batch of henna and gave a Mehndi "tattoo" to anyone who wanted one. Most of the guests left with one! The middle picture-- Life / Death across the knuckles is Riley's choice. He wasn't at the party-I did him before I left.


Molly Spanarkel said...

I was present for Roxanne's henna-paluzza...and man...she can pull it off!! I smile each time I look down at my foot, girl!

kecia said...

hey, good to see you at my blog! yeah, isn't that bracelet cool? i like your henna tat's. a henna-paluzza,huh? sounds fun!

weirdbunny said...

I did some henna tattoo's on my daughter last week down her leg. Of course I forgot they'll take weeks to wear off. Luckily her school teacher hasn't said anything .... yet ! ~ Julia x

Laura said...

Wow - cool henna! I LOVE your henna designs, and I LOVE that book, and I LOVE your rockin' shoes in that first picture too. :)

So... how does one go about "mixing up a double batch" of henna?

I had a purty one not too long ago too -

Melissa said...

lovely tattoos- i'd love to try that!