Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The send off

Well, Sunday John went off to England. By himself. For a long time.
There was a nice late breakfast with all of us. Then Tim, Griffin
and Riley headed out to a Ren-Faire and Johnno and I ran a few
last minute errands. Johnno watched the Giants play and finished
his packing. I sewed up a rip in his jeans. He had a bowl of chili-
then it was time to go. His good friend, Chris, goes to N.J.I.T.
a school near the airport in Newark, so we gave him a ride. We
made it to the airport with plenty of time to spare and then he
was off. He wasn't able to e-mail right away, but we've heard
from him. His ride to the school wasn't there to meet him and he
had to deal with that. He forgot his pillow so he went out and bought
a new one. He's met two of his roommates, a boy from Pennsylvania
named Jack and a girl from Finland whose name he couldn't quite
catch.This is such a wonderful experience for him and he's doing so
well.We're very proud of him. He's got all kinds of plans for side trips.
Germany, France, Italy. It so exciting. Last night I checked ticket
prices for my visit and it's so expensive! The taxes and fees are almost
as much as the airfare! I was looking at mid-October-and that's only
four weeks away!! Maybe early November. I'm a pretty casual traveler.

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