Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Z is for Zombies


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O.K. so Zombies are a pet peeve of mine- can't stand 'em. Still- I think I should have better than a 37% chance of surviving a zombie attack. If only we lived in the country or owned a gun- but really the reason my score is so low is I would always try to get to my loved ones and I could never- ever kill any zombie family member. As long as there was even just a one in a million chance of some secret government agency - deep underground- working on a zombie cure- I could never do it. Well- Tim scored higher than me and guess why- (like we don't have enough real life stuff to argue about). After more than 21 years of marriage he would take a shovel to my zombie head so fast. You think you know someone- I told him I would imprison him if he ever turned zombie and feed him stray cats. For better or worse- I told him- those vows should mean something. So he changed his answer- but I don't know- anyway I'm allergic to cats.

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