Saturday, January 26, 2008

I've been tagged, I've been tagged, I've been tagged, I've been tagged!!!!

Wow- I feel like a real blogger. I've done several of the memes going around blogland but I've always just stole the idea off another blog. No one ever tagged me to do one until now.
Thank you Pam! My dear friend Pam (who evidentially I chose for friendship, she didn't choose me). Three words people- Read. Her. Blog. Inspiring, wise, hysterically funny, true, maybe a little addictive- if you start reading it now, when she makes the NY Times bestseller list you can say "I knew her when." So here we go-
The rules are:
* link to the person who tagged you
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/ habits/ quirks about yourself
* tag at least 3 people at the end of the post and link to their blogs
* let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog

6 quirky/unusual things about me-

1. I have a split personality- Past me, Present me and Future me. For years now I've referred to myself as if I were three distinctly different people.
Past me- the me of last week or earlier. God love her, but she was lazy. I want to think kindly of her but since she is the one responsible for many of problems of Present me it can be difficult. If Past me had ever done any cleaning around here Present me wouldn't be sitting in such a mess right now.Past me spent too much time watching tv, not enough time exercising, ate too much junk food, never cleaned enough, spent too much money at craft stores, dragged too much crap home from rummage sales and cluttered this whole place up. Also, she sometimes volunteered Present and Future me for things.
Present me- the only me I feel any loyalty to. Even though Present me does tend to sell out Future me by volunteering her for things, she's really just a great gal doing the best she can with the cards she's been dealt. A little tired and deserving of a nap perhaps. Not really in the mood to get much done today- but that's o.k. ......leave the dishes for-
Future me- now that's a girl who's going to be going places. Boy will she be capable! Won't bother spending time wishing past me hadn't volunteered her for things- she'll just do it! Tons of energy- exercises everyday! Earns big bucks (the details of this are a little hazy, hopefully nothing illegal). A lean, not too mean, cleaning machine! And a Homeschooling Mother extraordinare!

2. I won't eat the white part in the egg. Now I'm not talking about the "white" of the egg. You have the yolk, and the white (which is actually clear if you think about it) and then you have the two little squiggly things which might or might not be the chicks umbilical cord (just my personal theory) . I always remove them before I cook the eggs or use them in a recipe. I've gotten good enough at it that I can remove them without puncturing the yolk, in case I want a fried egg. I've even removed them from hard boiled eggs- no easy task I can tell you.

3. In my head, I'm just too perfect.I'm pretty conceited with very little reason to be.Not really about my looks (however there are days when I just have to blow kisses to the mirror). It's more about my homeschooling/mothering abilities. My kids are perfect- don't people want to know how I managed to make that happen? I know this woman- a homeschooling diva goddess. She once told me she can't understand why more young mothers don't come to her for advice and I saw her point. I have pearls of wisdom and nobody's banging my door down (or even calling me on the phone) to beg for the wisdom of my years and experience. Can you believe that? Me neither.

4. How can I put this? Globally speaking- I know we're as rich as Zeus. But for the U.S. - specifically New Jersey- we're just gettin' by. I'm pretty sure that Tim wouldn't want me to put his salary out there but it might surprise some people. He works so hard and has earned some raises over the years but it's not a lot of $. And due to homeschooling we are a one salary family. OK, so here's the weird part- I don't really mind it. More than that- I'm good at it. There's very little outward difference in the way we live compared to people we know who make two times or more what Tim does. I should say- we have enough for what I am blessed enough to be able to consider the basics - i.e. house, food, medical care. We pay most of the bills, most of the months, but not always all of the bills, all of the months. We were careful not to get into a mortgage we couldn't afford. We qualified for way more than we spent. We drive old cars that we bought used. When our dryer broke we got one for free off of Craig's list. When our oven broke I cooked on the top of the stove for weeks until I found a replacement at a flea market (practically new and only $25!). I'm pretty good at ferreting out ways to find family entertainment on the cheap.I'm not embarrassed to invite people over for a party and just serve them hot dogs and chips. When there was a concert we wanted to go to we woke up at 5am to sell some of our stuff at the flea market to earn the ticket price. I don't think it's bad for the boys to grow up this way- they seem to appreciate the things they get a little more when they have to work for it or wait for it.

5. I'm obsessed with baby names. I think up names all the time for babies I'll never have. This weeks top contenders- Gabriel Emmet for a boy and Marisol Isaboo for a girl. Or maybe Milo Indigo or Daisy Blue. Anyway I'm always interested in what people are thinking of naming their babies- especially celebrities. I'm dying to know what Tim Burton and Helena Bonham-Carter (love her) are going to name their little baby girl. I like the name Jayden James and I wonder how Britney Spears came up with it. (on a side note - How thrilled am I that I finally figured out a way to get Brit's name in a post? Now if I could only find a way to mention Lindsey Lohan and Paris Hilton not wearing panties, I just know my google hits would go right thru the roof!!!)

6. Last one- I asked Tim for help thinking up this one. He immediately replied "You believe in Zombies" - which is so not true. I do believe, however, that one can never be too prepared for a potential (read inevitable) Zombie invasion. And by prepared I don't mean anything practical like stockpiling food , flashlights or weapons. I mean like waking up the hubby late at night to try to plan things out -i.e. escape routes, how to protect our sons and the best ways to destroy our zombie neighbors. Before you start to feel sorry for him- he's the one who, four years ago, rented Shaun of the Dead- on Christmas eve no less. I never really thought much about Zombies until I watched the first twenty minutes of that movie. I've written before about my feelings about Zombies and posted a Zombie test here.

So this is the part where I'm supposed to "tag" three other people to play along. Problem is I only really know two other bloggers and one of them tagged me so- "Tag" Aimee you're up- unless you don't want to ( if you can't think of weird things about yourself, I'm sure I could help you out).
And anyone else out there who wants to play- consider yourself tagged!

Edited to add- Tim would like me to post that our middle of the night Zombie discussions are always one sided. For some reason he doesn't seem to want people thinking he actually spends any time considering offing the Zombie neighbors. He won't talk about Alien invasions either. However, there was that one afternoon- back in 1999- that I got him all hepped up about the Y2K thing. For about a half an hour. Good Times.


PamelaJ said...

This was so funny I was laughing way too loud since there are sleeping people in the house! The Split Personality, oh my goodness, it's like you are inside my psyche. Especially the part about planning things for the future!

I had no ideas chickens have umbilical cords.

I must stop myself. You are way up there on my list of favorite people on the planet.


Maybe I should go wake Ray up to read him this entry! I loved Shaun of the Dead! We have no planned escape routes . . .

PamelaJ said...

After reading what you said, I changed my #5! I most certainly would choose you, but it's hard to make my way through the crowd:)

Sarah and Jack said...

About the eggs, (Putting on the biology teacher hat for a moment), that white part is totally not umbilical cord!

Here is a diagram of egg anatomy for you:

And the definition of chalaza (which is what that white bit is):

And a reminder that store bought eggs are not fertile. :-)

Now, having said all of that, I totally support you in picking it out. I have all sorts of wierd meat issues myself.

Eden said...

#2 I always think of that thingy the same way. It's gross. I pick it out as well ;)

Aimee said...

Nick and I were laughing so hard, we were crying! The description of the split personality is priceless!

Mary Beth said...

It is refreshing to hear someone talk about living well on less. We have two incomes but I still feel really isolated in this town where everyone else seems "richer" (and the moms don't have to work).