Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Global warming, Random and The King

When I think of those poor polar bears on the melting ice- it's almost enough to affect my enjoyment of these last couple of days. Whether you believe in global warming or not, you have to admit on the east coast it's unseasonable to say the least. The middle of January is not supposed to be t-shirt weather. Still we've been loving it- we had a bonfire on Monday night and today we met friends at the park for tennis and hanging out.
edited to add- I usually run it past the boys before I post anything or any pictures about them. After viewing the pics, Riley would like me to add that if you want to buy a pair of the ultra-cool jeans he is wearing you can find them at Zumiez.

Random Bits-
My next post will be number 100 and I've been working on something special for it.
Tomorrow Riley and Tim have their first guitar lesson.
Tomorrow night I'm going to visit with a friend that I haven't seen in years. We're going to see this movie.
Tim applied for his passport this past weekend and he might be going to Guam next month.
I took this quiz and thought it was interesting - no surprises with my results. I've been liking this candidate for a while now.
Today is The King's birthday!!!!!! Happy Birthday Elvis-


PamelaJ said...

Interestingly enough, although I think of myself as somewhat conservative, Mr. K. was my number one, also. How weird is that? Although we disagreed on six items. Answering those questions made me realize how really stupid I am.

I heard about your loss, and I was devastated for you. It has to be just hideously awful.

And how wonderful was that movie that I've been wanting to see?

Now I'm headed off to Zumiez to buy some jeans.

Roxanne said...

Thank you for your sympathy. It was quite possibly the worst thing that happened to anyone ever. But tragedy that does not kill us, makes us stronger. I amaze myself that I have the strength to return to my keyboard a mere 16 hours after the devastating event. Your kind words comfort me.

And to anyone reading this who knows what we're talking about....
NO, I do NOT need any lessons in perspective, thank you.