Wednesday, January 23, 2008

All hail me....

The Queen of Procrastination , the Duchess of Denial, the Baroness of Grandiose Plans, the Countess of Clean Closets......

A little pre-party Q and A-

Question: Why would someone who has 4 days to get her house ready for a couple of parties spend two of those days focussed on cleaning out her bedroom closet?
Answer: She wasn't raised properly. Certainly not her fault.*

Question: If I have so damn many clothes, Why do I wear the same six things over and over?
Answer: I dunno- maybe that raised properly thing again?

Question: In which order should you prioritize the following- sink full of dirty dishes, dusting for the first time in months, vacuuming the filthy carpets, mega order at the foodstore, baking-not one but two birthday cakes?
Answer: Easy one... re-pot a few houseplants (don't clean up after yourself), watch American Idol, update your blog.

Question: Why would someone who is having 14 people over on Friday night and 17 people over on Saturday afternoon spend time today organizing her scrapbooking alphabet stickers?
Answer: I don't think you can call it "organizing" if you just looked at them for a while then put them all back in the drawer.

Question: How much do I love my scrapbooking alphabet stickers?
Answer: A whole lot!

Question: What do 100 origami peace cranes look like?

Seriously, people- I might be in some trouble here.

* I ran this theory past my mother tonight-she claims she did the best she could with what she had to work with.


Anonymous said...

Where did the cranes come from?

Roxanne said...

Me! It's what I do instead of housework.There's a Japanese legend that says that anyone who folds 1000 paper cranes is granted a wish. I'm planning to wish for world peace but certain members of my family want me to wish for the Giants to win the Superbowl. I'm probably gonna go with the world peace thing though.

Sarah and Jack said...

LOL Maybe you need the pressure of panic to set in?

PamelaJ said...

I can't believe I sign on and Gecko Rock has beat me here. I thought he was mine and mine alone:) He's cheating on me & my blog!

I must insist you stop advertising yourself on all these homeschooling links because I hate sharing. Just ask Aimee, I told Johnley to hide his toys under the bed.

This is my favorite entry of all your entries. The fact that you replanted your plants, left the mess and went off to watch American Idol -- oh my God. I knew I adored you before, but now I know why!

I never knew anyone else who did such f'd up sit! I thought it was only me! I am no longer alone on the planet!

Aimee said...

Okay, first of all, I am now advertising my blog...I am jealous. And Roxanne, you don't disappoint. I told someone just this morning who naively said "Roxanne must be pretty busy getting ready for the parties", that, no, you would just now be thinking that you should start thinking about it!!!! But I could not have imagined how amusing the story could be. I think you should do stand up comedy.

Mosaic*Queen said...

You Sooooooooo FUNNY!!! Guess What? I do the same exact thing! Instead of preparing for the event, I start cleaning out drawers and closets that no one is even going to see! It's insane!!!
Maybe I was dropped on my head as a baby? lol!
Good Luck with your parties!