Friday, January 11, 2008


Well the worst thing that could ever happen, happened. Last night I worked on my 100th blog post for hours. It was 100 facts about myself and it was quite possibly the best thing ever written. It was chock full of bloggity goodness. Funny...fascinating... pithy...real... a treat for the eyes. And I got all the way up to number 96 before I accidentally deleted it all. I tried and tried to get it back but it was just....gone. Forever. Tim heard me screaming and came in to try to fix it but to no avail. Gone....forever. I know all about the stages of grieving. I was surprised by how fast I moved from shock to anger. I almost threw my mug of tea at the monitor (number 36 - my favorite mug...... the list was GOLD, people, pure GOLD). I considered writing the F word 100 times to mark my 100th post- but I gave this blog address to friends and family- we even sent it out in our Christmas letter...WHY?!?!...none of them ever read it. Then I moved from anger to sorrow, cried a while, then took to my bed. I will never move on to the final stage (acceptance). I will wallow in my misery forever. I might need a wee bloggy break. I am considering doing a 101 fascinating facts for my 101th post. It could never be as good as the original, but I must remain strong and carry on. I already know what 101 might be.

101. I might tend to occasionally get a tad bit over dramatic, sometimes.


Aimee said...

SOMETIMES??? A TAD???? No, I agree, of all the HORRIBLE things I could imagine happening to you, this is the worst, and I'm not even being a little facetious.

Sarah and Jack said...

Oh my.

(Is it bad that this post made me chuckle a little though? I mean, come on, the f word a 100 times? That's funny.)

PamelaJ said...

Please do a re-write! Pretty please!

I am surprised that I cannot feel the hysteria and tears through the computer screen as I imagine your angst, pain and suffering.

But your fans are begging . . . REWRITE, REWRITE, REWRITE!