Saturday, September 13, 2008

More Japanese junk food

Cheese Puffs and Spicy crackers.

Happy Bolo
Refreshing nature to you.
I love this bag- not the cookies.
They tasted like powdery too sweet
animal crackers.

On the left- Tim thought he was buying candy bars-
He said he saw this walrus like cartoon guy everywhere.
Turns out inside was a giant cheeto type cheese puff.
They were 10 yen each and Riley has already put
an order in for $10 worth on Tim's next trip (about 100) .
He's probably not going back until November but we
talked about how cool it would be to give
these out for Halloween!

The Pucca fish crackers- yellow box
on right- G and R loved.
Pretzel like shell with chocolate inside.
On right, white box- white chocolate covered
malted milk balls.
Middle- Ginger Citrus hard candies-
very good!
Far left- a box of Strawberry gels with
an extremely odd texture and filled with
very fake tasting chocolate syrup. Very disappointing,
he bought them special for me because
I love chocolate covered strawberries
but these were nothing like.

The one on the left was my favorite-
Tasted like phyllo dough rolled and fried
and covered in milk chocolate.
The right- odd but delicious rolls
of cookie? and white chocolate with a
almond citrus flavor.

Treats from The Giant Buddha- a soft cookie filled
with almond paste not particularly
sweet and not a big hit.

Crunky- sounds so rap and gangster!
Tastes like a Nestle Crunch bar.
Loved it.

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pamajama said...

The giant buddha dude is just so cute. If I swallowed two of him whole, I could pretend I was pregnant with twins and walk around talking to my belly.

Giant Cheese Puffs -- Cool.