Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In the interest of truthful blogging.....

People who know me irl know that I'm forever going on about how very photogenic I am. Mostly this is very true. However I have discovered the one place where I just can't seem to take a decent picture- atop a mechanical bull at a country western bar. I went last Sunday night to The Colorado Cafe with my friends Pam and Rachel. We took line dancing lessons, drooled over cowboys (this was mostly Pam), rode the bull and sang a God-awful karaoke rendition of Paradise by the Dashboard light (so sorry Meatloaf, really I'm a fan and it was an homage).

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pamajama said...

Perhaps the pictures did not pick up your glow, but I'm telling you that you looked like an angel on board that big hunk of beef.

And during the karaoke you sounded like Celine Dion. Your back-up, unfortunately, did not do you justice.

I can't help the fact that those freaking cowboys were steamy hot. Are we going back on Sunday?!