Sunday, September 7, 2008

Do you C a pattern here?

Tim came home late last night from a business trip to Japan. His flight was delayed about 6 hours due to the tropical storm Hanna. While he was away something happened with our computer and I had problems with uploading my pictures but now that our resident computer genius is home we're back on track. So here is a post that catches up with some of what we've been doing for the last couple of weeks.......

Tim came home with bags of gifts- Candy, Buddha Cookies
and giant individually wrapped Cheese Puffs.
Also Chips and Crackers.

I received two Buddhas to add to my collection and a
hand carved wooden owl that I love.

While Tim was gone I Cleaned and de-Cluttered my studio.

I also did some Crafting.
The Jonas Brothers frames were
birthday gifts for two good friends.

And of course, we Celebrated Riley's 14th Birthday!
We had a Bonfire party with Hot Dogs, S'mores
Chocolate Cupcakes and Carrot Cake Cupcakes.
The party was attended by many friends and Cousins.
They played Manhunt and watched a fireworks display.

We went to Rita's for frozen Custard Cones.
Riley had the Cappuccino flavor.
Griffin and I had the Chocolate- Vanilla twist.
They were so good we went back the very
next night and had them again!

I cooked!
Well I melted the Chocolate anyway.

And last but Certainly not least-
We fell Completely and totally in love
with these two little Cuties-

Last Saturday my sister Suzanne gave birth
to her twins. Welcome to the World little
Ava and Zoe! I can't wait to hold you!
Great Job Suzy and Conrad!

1 comment:

pamajama said...

This was so F'ing creative I can't believe no one has commented! How long have I been away from your blog? What's wrong with people!? This is better than The Daily Show!

First, anyone who gets two babies at a time -- I'm sorry -- they're being just a little bit greedy! WHERE'S MINE??? Too cute. I could break into sobs.

Chocolate raspberries are better than just about anything, except for babies.

Your four boys should bow down and kiss your toes, they have such a fun and interesting Roxanne.

Plus you got two buddhas & Japanese cheese puffs.

And that room looks FANTASTICO! HOLY CRAP!

The frames were the coolest ever.

Truly, we are graced with your presence:)