Monday, September 15, 2008

Last weekend

Boy, did I need a break this weekend. Last week was a very difficult adjustment week. Tim returned from a long business trip- which is good, I know, but still an adjustment, we started trying to be better about bedtimes- Griffin, Riley and I have been in a bad habit of staying up way too late and then sleeping until late morning , not being careful with our food choices- way too many carbs and sugar and not enough protein, being worried for a friend who, like G and R, was homeschooled and loved it and now has to go to high school. :0(
Now add to all that- the end of summer, the start of homeschool lessons and worst of all- the death of another X-box! Their second X-box 360 fell victim to the RED RING OF DEATH. And only weeks after the warranty expired. So basically everyone was in a really bad mood all last week. I really needed some time to chill. My sister JoAnne and I went to hang out at our Mom's house for an overnight. Our Mom is still in Colorado visiting and helping my little sister with her brand new twin girls. We had the whole house to ourselves. We met on Sat afternoon, crafted and listened to Doris Day cds! After dinner we took a nice walk to the beach, sat on the boardwalk and watched the harvest moon and the seagulls over the ocean. Walked back, crafted some more, watched some Saturday Night Live, slept, woke up the next day and crafted some more. My idea of perfect and just what I needed!

Harvest Moon

Magazine collage fall postcards.
Inspired by the ones that Lia did
and posted on her blog ArtJunkGirl.
If you would like a postcard, send your
address to
and I'll gladly send you one!

Decoupaged train case- with pictures and
phrases cut from magazines.


Lia (artjunkgrl) said...

these are So cool!!! love love LOVE!

pamajama said...

The train case is fantastic.

Doris Day CD's? You've been holding out on me.