Monday, September 15, 2008

An e-mail

I just spent an hour writing this for an unschooling yahoo group I just joined. I figure if I spent that long on it, it should be a blog post also-

Hello again all-
Sorry to have posted about teen night and disappeared. I had a busy weekend but I am back now to respond to Robin and some others who have inquired here or sent me direct e-mails.
Of course 11 and 12 year olds are welcome to join us.
Taishauna and Aimee will be there and I think Jillian knows them from a clay class.
Also I think there might be some confusion about my SON Riley. That's right- Riley's a boy! Don't let the long pink hair fool you. I've received a couple of e-mails from Moms with daughters that make me want to clarify that. Not that he particularly minds being called a girl- He's sort of used to it. It happened just today at the ShopRite when the free sample lady asked me" Is she this quiet at home?" So being a smart aleck, I said "No at home she just talk, talk, talks all day". But my favorite one was 5 years ago when we were in Vegas and an Elvis impersonator serenaded him, called him "little mama" and kissed his hand. Loved that!

On to the intro-
I'm Mom to three SONS-
John, 22 and in his senior year in college (TCNJ). John didn't go to full day school until he was 7 but then he went and chose to stay in public school throughout. (despite some pleading from me)
Griffin, 15 1/2 and Riley 14- except for a year of Montessori pre-school they have always been homeschooled. For a long time we were completely unschooling. A couple years ago my husband made the case for doing some lessons each weekday and we try but it's usually the first thing to go out the window when the day gets busy (second thing- housecleaning).
We live in Brick but seem to do a lot of things in Monmouth County. We are involved with the Ocean Grown Life Learners 4H club in Bradley Beach. We're planning to be in the stage crew at Patchwork Theater in Bayhead.
Griffin's interests include- music, going to concerts, skateboarding, surfing, playing the drums, watching tv, making youtube videos (his user name is joandpo). And his favorite way to spend time- Runescape and other computer games and video games.
Riley's interests include - music and concerts (he crowd surfed at the Bamboozle last summer!!!) playing guitar- he has four!, dying his hair, dreadlocking his hair, adding to his project playlist, surfing youtube for Fred and Smosh videos. And he also spends a lot of his time playing Runescape on the computer or other video games.
And I'm Roxanne, married to Tim. Tim is a computer security analyst who sometimes travels for his work. We miss him when he's gone but since he comes home bearing bags of foreign junk food, it's all good! In the past five months we've enjoyed junk food from England, Egypt, Italy (my favorite), Japan and Bahrain. Tim also volunteers at the local hospital one day a week, is involved with the SCA, loves the Giants football team and writes fiction novels.
And last but not least- Me! Despite having a VERY hard week last week- I love staying home with my kids. I enjoy- doing crafts of all kinds,scrapbooking, making collages from magazines, photography, making ATC cards, reading (mostly fiction), watching tv, Sudoku puzzles, keeping a blog ( ),and getting together with other Moms for a Mom's Night Out!
I'm excited to be part of this e-mail group. It seems like a fun, down to earth and busy list! Thanks to Megan for recommending it to me.


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pamajama said...

I thought this was extremely entertaining and I can't believe not a single one of those people has commented on your blog! Clearly I must appreciate being your friend before they snap you up & realize what a gem has made herself available to them!

Just remember, I never thought that kid of yours was a girl. It should count for points in the best friend wars. I heard you were talking with one of them & she monopolized all your time on the beach today.

Things are heating up . . .