Wednesday, November 14, 2007

W.I.P.* Wednesday

Here's a couple projects I've been working on. Top photo- today we got about halfway through spray painting 3000 puzzle pieces for a Christmas Party favor ornament I volunteered to make. I'm making 75 little wreaths out of puzzle pieces and mini red pom-poms. Even though I was outside and tried to stay upwind, I think I inhaled some spray paint- I have a metallic taste in my mouth that's just not going away. Bottom photo- I'm making a three layer "cake" out of disposable diapers for a baby shower gift for my cousin. Griffin walked by and said it looked just like a cake with fondant frosting- that boy's been watching too much Food Network!

*W.I.P. = work in progress

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PamelaJ said...

Rachel and I actually had an argument over the word fondant, and it went on for a month. She insisted that the word was "fonda" with no ending. I thought it was pronounced fon-daunt -- no idea where I got that from -- and finally we caught someone on the Food Network who convinced her there is an 'n' and a 't'. I want the cake recipe for any future baby parties. Your son is a well-rounded genius:)