Friday, November 9, 2007

Shopping spree and Feng Shui

The heck with decluttering anyway- we went on a shopping spree at a rummage sale today. Most of the time the boys don't come with me on my treasure hunting- but this church has always has a wicked good bake sale so I was able to talk them into tagging along. Of course if they had stayed home we wouldn't have a cool keyboard or a glittery new bowling ball to call our very own!

A couple years ago I took a class in how to Feng Shui your home with my sister JoAnne and my friend Julie. (Shout out-- Hey) The class taught us that the front door and porch is the face of your home. Well my "face" had lots of dead and wilting plants and cobwebs on it so yesterday I feng shui-ed my front porch.

Tips on how to Feng Shui your front door-
  • Paint your front door red, a high energy hue that symbolizes good fortune. Or you could place a red wreath on your door.
  • Hang metal wind chimes outside your door to attract positive energy.
  • "Plant" three coins just before your threshold to boost your family's prosperity.
  • Place a charcoal or black doormat by the door to attract water energy, which brings good luck.


Aimee said...

oooooh, nice stuff. Darnit, I wish I had gone. I am totally okay with not going to these things until I see your haul, then I'm jealous! (happy for you tho!)

Angelina said...

I want to do the red door, and I can do the mat and the coins, but I actually really hate wind chimes in my own home and yard.

May I say how lovely the colors of your house are?!