Monday, November 5, 2007

Ketchup connoisseurs

We had a ketchup taste test tonight at dinner. I picked up packets of ketchup from England, Italy and France to bring home and of course we had good old American ketchup on hand. Riley is The Ketchup Kid and I have to say I was very impressed with his advanced palette. He guessed them all correctly. I had removed the packets so it was truly a blind taste test. The end results are- American Ketchup is number one!!! The ketchup in England was a close second and basically if Riley ever finds himself traveling to Italy or France he will defiantly be bringing his own bottle along.

*Number of times I wrote the word "ketchup" in a one paragraph post - six - seven if you count the title- that must be some sort of record.


PamelaJ said...

You are utterly amazing. Who else would have a ketchup contest? Who would bring home a variety of ketchups from the EU? Do your sons have any idea that they will never, ever meet a woman with as many wonderful traits as their mother? The stress your daughters-in-law will be under is beyond terrific. What could they possibly do? Honey mustard versus brown?

pinefern said...
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Sarah and Jack said...

Ha, international ketchup can be nasty.