Monday, November 5, 2007


The weekend started with me vowing to do something about my clutter problem and ended with me picking through a couple garbage piles. How could I possibly leave those picnic baskets behind- or that old stenciled child's chair? It was made in Romania!!! I'm thinking that they will be good for plant stands. Still- the clutter thing is getting out of control- the living room is nearly impossible to walk through. It has piles of Halloween decorations all over. I am pleased that we got the decorations down already- I've never been a big fan of leaving decorations up for too long after a holiday. I've got to box everything up for Tim to put up in our little crawlspace of an attic. That and the huge knot in Griffin's hair are my projects for the day (I asked Griffin if I could take a picture of the back of his head for my blog and he said NO! so you'll just have to use your imaginations but think big !)

Also- I know my trip was so two weeks ago but if anyone besides me still cares to read about it - John has updated his blog!!! He wrote about the days we spent in Rome and Paris here.


PamelaJ said...

I want to see the knot! I want to see the knot! What if your blog readers were willing to each throw in a dollar to see it? We could have a clutter and knot contest.

Roxanne said...

It was like a second head!! It's gone for now but Griffin is very motivated by money and it WILL be back.