Saturday, November 24, 2007

Crop 'til you Drop

Today my sister JoAnne treated me to a early Christmas present. She paid for us to go to an all day scrapbooking event. We cropped from 8am-8pm! It's called a crop because you cut up or "crop" your photos before you mat them and stick them on fancy scrapbook paper. Then you cover every inch of the paper that's not pictures with diecuts, stickers, fibers, buttons, glitter, etc. until you can't really see the photos anymore but it's oh so pretty. You are supposed to save room on your page for "journaling". Journaling is a handwritten account of what is going on in the photos on the scrapbook page. I refuse to journal because it always comes out too goofy or corny. Kind of like this post but with worse penmanship. My sister is a journaler extraordinaire.
She has also been known to "triple mat". That's scrapbooker talk for crazy.

Of course I had someone take a picture of me at the chocolate fountain. And because it was a scrapbooking event no one even looked at me funny. These are people (myself included) who never leave the house without a camera. Scrapbookers can actually buy scrapbook paper and scrapbook stickers that have scrapbooks and scissors and such on them that we can use to make a scrapbook page documenting ourselves in the act of scrapbooking. Really.

I brought my photos from Europe to the crop. I spent a little time organizing them and then I got to work . Photos above- three pictures of the stages of a mosaic I made of John and I at the Eiffel Tower. When you become a scrapbooker it changes the way you take pictures. While I was there at the tower I was thinking it would make a good mosaic page so I took some close up photos of the iron work. Back in the states, I wasn't really happy with how it was looking on paper so I chopped up and added some of the pictures I took at the flower stand a couple blocks away from the tower. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

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jullee said...

the mosaics are fabulous and I think you really did a great job explaining how to make one. I loved when you added the flowers to the Eiffel Tower one. Have you ever considered doing commission pieces ?!?