Saturday, November 24, 2007

12x12 Photo Mosaic Tips

Tips for creating a Mosaic out of photographs.
  • Choose photographs that have a common theme. You will need about 8 - 10 photos for a 12x12 page.
  • Don't use one of a kind original photos. Always have negatives or make copies.
  • Start with choosing your main photos. These are the photos that will be the biggest on the page and the focal point. Trim them to the size you want.
  • Save all trimmings from photos.
  • Choose the paper for the background. Light solid colors with little or no pattern work best.
  • Using your choice of adhesive, attach main photos to page. (top photo)
  • Begin with the largest images and start filling in the rest of the page. (middle photo)
  • If you start to have trouble with the placement of the photo pieces, try looking at the page from more of a distance. You can also try letting your eyes go out of focus. This usually helps me decide which piece belongs where.
  • Lastly, and probably most important- don't get all caught up in perfectionism. The cut bits of photo are more interesting if they are different sizes. It's near impossible to get the pieces aligned with the exact same amount of background paper showing. Just relax and enjoy the process. Happy Scrapping.

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