Monday, June 16, 2008

The Week in Review

  • Got tickets to see Ringo Star in concert!!! A real Beatle!
  • Hosted my Dad and his wife, Linda at a dinner here.
  • Made plans to have a garage sale-then canceled it.
  • Went to a couple garage sales with my Mom.
  • Finally replaced broken dishwasher, clothes dryer promptly broke.
  • Homeschooling 4H field trip (photos above)
  • Went out to dinner with Tim's family for Father's Day.
  • Visited with my Dad on Father's Day.
  • Took pics of Linda's garden, made new flickr set.
  • And best for last- TIM PASSED HIS TEST!!!

Buggy Love in Linda's garden.


Barbara said...

That's amazing news about Tim! Well deserved, too. Who knows what's in store for him, job-wise. I am so excited by the news and can't wait to call you! It's too obscenely early to call, so I'll have to wait...

Aimee said...

Yeah Tim! Yeah You!