Thursday, June 26, 2008

Brown Betty, Buckle, Crumble or Grunt


Whatever you call it- I made one today. Blueberry and Peach.
Local folks- blueberries on sale this week at ShopRite- $1.29 a pint!

I'm not one to measure or follow a recipe but here's the basics-

Two pints Blueberries
Four Peaches

Bisquik (I'm out of flour)
Brown Sugar
Softened Butter

Bake at 350* for about 40 mins.
Serve warm with ice cream.


PamelaJ said...

Okay, how are other women supposed to continue to be your friend when you come off so freaking perfect all the time? Huh? What if my husband or daughter saw this entry? They'd be all, "Whoa, Roxanne is such a better mother & wife then you! We got ripped off! This sucks!"

I see something red in this picture. Is there a secret ingredient you did not identify? Are you trying to pull a fast one?

PLUS, you have to go and buy the berries ON SALE? OH. My. God. This will be my undoing . . .

Aimee said...

Seriously, the only way I can hold my head up around here is to not show anyone your creations! They are still on me to make the donuts!

Roxanne said...

Now, now girls- don't be hatin'.
Seriously- the fruit crumble was pretty much the only thing I produced that day- and then I ate most of it. With ice cream no less.
My dryer is still broken so my kitchen is "decorated" with hanging laundry off every chair, cabinet, rack- looks like the Clampetts from Beverly Hillbillies- and sticking with the Nick at Night theme- my yard looks like Sanford and Son. So I'm not exactly perfect- just very good at blogging p.r.!

Roxanne said...

Oh- and the red things are peach slices dyed by blueberry juice.