Monday, June 23, 2008

Happy Solstice

We all had a lovely Solstice on Saturday. Tim took Griffin and Riley to an archery event. I went to a garage sale, bought some flowers for my new planters, had my sister JoAnne over for scrapbooking, took some more flower pics and went to a Goddess only Solstice party at a friends house.
Love my new boots purchased at the garage sale (too bad my sister JoAnne is so jealous of them that she had to pretend to hate them)

Scrapbook layout of lunch in France- crepes from a stand near the Eiffel Tower.

Flower picture (for a change)

Solstice Cupcakes- my contribution to the party.


Barbara said...

I may be more of an Equinox celebrator, but you make Solstice look fun! It's also very clear that JoAnne must've been very jealous of your lovely boots, as she will never be lucky enough to own a pair for herself. Nothing lifts the spirits higher than being the recipient of someone's petty and ugly jealousy!! Just remember that when you walk the lonely journey in those boots that no one else dares to wear, and that some idiot tossed to the side...

PamelaJ said...

I'm finding Barbara's comment so incredibly entertaining! My only thought in this whole post kept returning to the idea that someone else's bare feet had been inside those shoes . . . but they're very cute - lol.