Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Griffin made cupcakes yesterday- he was bored all day and asking for suggestions of things he could do. Among the "crazy mom" ideas like read a book and clean your room, I did suggest bake a cake. Of course it was vetoed right along with the others- until 9:45 p.m. when I heard him banging around in the kitchen. We brought these works of art to my sister's house tonight....

Lurking under the fabulous frosting...... a surprise- Cookies, baked right in!

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PamelaJ said...

That kid is a genius, what a revelation, the cupcake cookie. Excuse me while I lapse into a diabetic coma after just viewing the frosting covered with granulated sugar and cookies below.

Griffin is a gastronomic artist. I wouldn't be surprised to hear he's moved to Italy, covering pizzas with blue frosting and gummy worms.