Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Dinner in the Garden

Tonight we went to my sister JoAnne's house for dinner al fresco. The occasion was our Mother's return from a three week trip touring Europe. She stayed in Germany with a friends daughter and took a bus tour to London, Paris, Venice, Amsterdam, the Swiss Alps and a lot of places I'm forgetting. My Mom already had her photos developed- she took a lot of great shots. It really made me want to go to Germany. JoAnne made chicken and hot dogs on the grill. The weather was perfect and just when you think it couldn't possibly get better- Grammy handed out some presents.

My Mom and sister.

My handsome oldest son.

Gifts from Grammy-
Cookies, candy, linens and German Sudukos!

Badminton with cousins.


PamelaJ said...

I can't even imagine having family gatherings with that many people. Do you bus them all in?

Your sister's picture looks a lot like you, then your son below her looks similar, too. Such great looking family members!

I want to see Riley's pink hair!

Eden said...

Your son looks like a movie star but I can't place who. Do people tell him he looks like someone famous? He is a handsome one ;)