Saturday, December 15, 2007

Today is my Dad's Birthday and I got a present!!!

A little while ago I posted about how lucky I am and how I won a blog giveaway over at The Mosaic Queen. Hooray- my cupcake has arrived! For half a minute I considered putting the box under the tree to be opened on Christmas. But delayed pleasure has never been my thing- I'm more of an instant gratification girl. So I opened it right away and I love I LOVE IT!!! It's so cute and so clever and I'm so the Queen of Everything! It makes me wish I had a better camera- or at least read the directions that came with this one so I could take a decent picture of it. This picture is a little dark and just doesn't do it justice. Happy, happy, joy,joy- Christmas comes early to New Jersey! Thank you so much Michelle! Hope you are enjoying your trip to NYC with your lovely daughters.

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Mosaic*Queen said...

You are sooooo Welcome my darling Roxanne!!!