Thursday, December 27, 2007

Christmas wrap-up

Santa came!!!

Me and my Dad with the gift I made for him- a waterless snowglobe of a fifties Christmas scene. I used copies of pictures of his parents, him and his sisters.

Niece number two liked her Kitten cottage, while we were looking at it her brother came over -
Nephew (age 6) : What is that?
Me (age noyb): It's a crazy, cute, comfy, cozy kitten cottage for Christmas!
Nephew : I don't get it. (walks away, shaking his head)


Tim is wearing the hat and t-shirt that John brought him home from Istanbul.
.L to R- Tracy, my Mom holding the flowers Suzanne sent, JoAnne, me and Barbara.

Snowglobe I made for my Mom- that's her when she was a baby.

Last stop - Tim's parents house


Mosaic*Queen said...

Happy~Happy New Year!!!!



Aimee said...

I love, love, love the snowglobes! (and you know I'm going to copy you!) Merry Christmas