Sunday, December 2, 2007

Of cabbages and cream puffs

And a good time was had by all.......... For over fifty years the family on my Father's side has been getting together for a huge Christmas Party -what started with my Grandmother and her sister hosting in their homes, had to move decades ago to a rented hall. Everyone brings food and drinks to share. My favorite dish- the stuffed cabbage- the one time of year I have it.This year I brought the party favors (the puzzle piece wreaths) and bags of sugarplums (candy). And oh, the desserts! I should have taken a picture of the dessert table but I was too busy standing in line and not letting my own children cut me. It's everyone for themselves at the dessert buffet. You never know how long Linda's homemade cream puffs will last! I was very lucky and grabbed two, but I gave one to Riley because I'm just that nice (also just too full from dinner) . My sister Tracy made our Great-Aunt Loretta's butter cookies- Yum... After we sing carols, Santa comes and brings two presents for each child. I have watched my children go from being scared of the big guy in the weird hat (as Santa himself said today "I get a lot of that.") to being a little embarrassed to have to go up and get their gifts - but they do it!
Highlight from this year....My uber-cool niece showed up with green hair!!! You can see it in the middle photo- it looks fantastic!

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PamelaJ said...

It all looks so wonderful! I'm jealous of the big family and cousins for the kids. But then I guess we have family and avoid them at all costs. Go figure.