Monday, December 24, 2007

And on Earth, Peace

Today we did a little shopping, a little wrapping, went to a movie , then went to my sister's house for dinner. We've been going there for dinner on Christmas Eve for at least 13 years now. After dinner and presents we go to a church near her house to visit the living nativity. The animals are the "living" part. Joseph, Mary and the baby Jesus are mannequins .This year the animals were very outgoing and enjoyed the carrots we brought for them. All the kids loved it. Usually we are just throwing the carrots at the animals while they lay there and ignore us. Right now it's after midnight, so Merry Christmas! I've got to go and finish a few little crafty things (insert solemn vow to get started on handmade gifts earlier next year). Oh - and a note to a couple of irl friends who were thinking good thoughts for me-the last little box from the U.P.S. came today!!!! Hooray!!! (insert another solemn vow to order gifts from Amazon earlier next year)

The kitten cottage was a big hit!


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PamelaJ said...

Wow, your husband is really tall! And I am so impressed that he wrote a book, as detailed in the Christmas letter, which was fabulous by the way . . . what a lovely family:)