Saturday, May 3, 2008

Trailers for sale or rent

rooms to let 50 cents
I'm a man of means
by no means
King of the Road.......

Today Tim and I went on a date to the RV and Trailer show at the PNC Center in Homdel.
For you local folks, it's still going on tomorrow.
We've gone every year for a while now. As I mentioned on my list, one of my dreams is to sell our house and most everything in it and take off for a life on the road. Fulltiming, they call it and there is a ton of blogs my those who do it here.

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PamelaJ said...

I've loved that song ever since we danced to it in our living room as kids:) What a romantic date you had! I'm reading your book about the chick who traveled to Italy, Indonesia and India and it's given me the traveling bug. I want to go, go, go.

Miss you!