Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!


Rummage Report- My Dad and his wife, Linda sent me a lovely card last week with a Mother's Day gift of some cash inside. So ,of course I took it and ran off to a rummage sale. I bought this cool storage box and the tablecloth it is sitting on. Also a beach towel, several books and movies, one hundred teaspoons (really, anybody local need some?) , two boxes of mason jars, three sets of vintage greeting cards and a cd player for the kitchen. Quite a haul- Thanks Dad and Linda!
Today is Mother's Day and everyone is home! John came back from college for the summer- done with his junior year. And Tim came home last night from a business trip to Egypt with a long enough layover at Heathrow that he took a train into London and walked around Hyde Park and had lunch in a pub. In Egypt he was able to go to the marketplace, go horseback riding to the pyramids and The Sphinx, had dinner on the Nile. And because his work was finished early, he took a flight to Luxor to see the Valley of the Kings! He said it was the trip of a lifetime- now he's home, a little sick, a lot tired and glad to be back. He brought me home some biscuts (cookies) from London and English and Egyptian candy bars for the boys.


Eden said...

I love Yorkie bars. I eat them out of spite. Not for girls indeed.

Matriarch said...

I love reading your blog. I am a homeschooler too. I'm glad that you had a great Mother's Day. When we are in Egypt (7 weeks every year and a half) I usually stock up on Cadbury's but the Al Shamaan is not bad either. The dinner on the Nile is wonderful but I have yet to get to Luxor. Maybe next time. Be well, Happy blogging, Pam (