Thursday, May 8, 2008

Recovering, still

Sunday I reaffirmed my status as World's Coolest Mom (just in time for Mother's Day) by taking Griffin and Riley to an all day concert. Even though cameras weren't allowed in the festival, I managed to get some pics (smuggled in a camera, hidden in my bra!).

Bamboozle !


Riley- Crowd surfing!!!!!!

Receiving End of Sirens

Mosh Pit

Some Highlights-

  • Riley crowd surfing
  • Bret Michaels and Big John!!!
  • Griffin Moshing
  • Griffin saying "This is the best day of my life" while bleeding profusely from an accidental kick to the nose .
  • This
  • Anti-flag
  • and this song......

1 comment:

PamelaJ said...

You definitely win the award for Best Mother of the Year. The kids look so totally happy. Rachel is very impressed with Riley's dreads. They're looking good.

I want to see the other pictures:)