Saturday, May 17, 2008

Chris Difford is Cool for Cats

Me and Chris Difford!!!

Way back in the late 70's /early 80's my sister Barbara would play her Squeeze albums every morning while all us sisters were getting ready for school.We had one of those huge console stereos that took up a whole wall of our living room. We'd sing along, fight over the bathroom, somebody might have jumped up to dance on top of the coffee table (our Mom had left for work earlier) and Barbara liked to hang out upside-down in a chair and get a rush of blood to her brain. Good times. Anyway- Chris Difford, one of the members of Squeeze, gave a concert at the Toms River library tonight. Tim and I went along with Barbara and her two children.He gave a fabulous show, told a couple great stories about the band and came out again afterwards to sign our albums and pose for pictures.

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Barbara said...

What a great time this was! I'm still amazed that Chris chose "Labeled with love" for his last song, and even more amazed that so many people were chanting along with me. Chris was a delight on stage, but slightly cranky afterwards (maybe it was personal!). He did recognize Adam, however, as the kid taking too many photos of him.