Monday, December 22, 2008

Top 12

Sorry pics are so dark- it was a gray day when I took them. I have a tree full of ornaments - 95% of which are handmade or from rummage sales/garage sales. Even though I already have too many, I just can't resist checking out the boxes of ornaments for sale at every church sale or flea market I go to. I usually find a couple more to add to my collection. These are just a few of my favorites......

A star- made by John back in 2nd grade.

I just got this one this past year- Santa's Ho-Ho-Ho down.
The reindeer spin around a fiddle playing Santa.
It reminds me of my Poppy H who loved to square dance.

A Disney one- I have lots of Disney ornaments.
Flounder and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.
These were from McDonalds about 20 years ago.

I remember the day this picture was taken.
We were walking around Allaire State Park- Tim
took tons of pics. I was pregnant with Griffin- the
look on John's face, you could almost think he
knew trouble was coming! ;o)

Tim and I bought this ornament at the Caldors
at Monmouth Mall right after Christmas, 1985.

Hallmark's Baby's First Christmas ornaments.
L to R - Riley, John, Griffin

Again with Disney.
Again from McDonalds.
These are Bernard and Bianca from
The Rescuers.
I always hang them close together.

Riley made this in pre-school.

My Aunt Pat made this as a favor
for a Christmas party we go to every year.
Counted cross stitch goose. She also made
some with sheep that year and she made sure
I had one of each but I haven't been able to find
the sheep for years.. :o(

A clothespin person made by John.
He had a little table in our old apt, and a
bookshelf full of craft supplies. He would
just sit and make things for hours. He was
four or five when he made this.

I bought this one a couple years ago at a church sale.
It's a little hard to see but it's a old-timey
sewing machine stitching up a Santa suit.
It reminds me of my Nana K who had a machine
like this one and used to sew things for my
sisters and I. I remember her asking me to
thread the needle because I had "young eyes".

Another little guy made by John.


Eden said...

The Rescuers are adorable :)

pamajama said...

You're so creative, it's completely overwhelming. I'm creativity retarded. Your tree is gorgeous.