Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's been a while....

We're still here- just busy with the holidays and life. Tonight Griffin and Riley are having a last minute sleepover with a friend and planning an all night video game session. As it was a spur of the moment opportunity, we were caught with no decent sleepover junk food in the house so I had to search through the cabinets and get baking. It always surprises me how much food is in this house when there is "no food in the house". I made them cookies, a cake, popcorn and iced tea. Sounds like a lot but we're talking three teenage boys here. So now they're happily munching and crunching while killing zombies on the X-box , John's gone out, Tim's gone to bed and I have nothing to do for a change. Time to blog! To make up for my long absence- three entries in a row!

I have been crafting, shopping, wrapping, decorating inside......

And outside.......

The Miser Brothers with Jingle and Jangle
on our roof. Tim cut these out and painted them
about four years ago. They're from one of our
favorite Christmas specials.

Heat Miser

Cold Miser

Artsy-fartsy out of focus of
our Christmas lights.

We have been going out plenty also. A couple big family parties.
A few nights out with friends. Shopping with my Mom, crafting with
some Homeschooling Moms, visiting with my sister, driving to and
from appointments, being treated to a night out and a play!

Me and the Big Guy himself.

We've taken up a new hobby!
The boys LOVE ice skating. Part of it
is the company as we are going with a few of
our favorite fellow homeschooling families.
Griffin is a natural- going backwards and doing
spins within hours of putting the skates on for
the first time. It's harder for Riley and I'm so proud
of how hard he is working to improve. Our goal is
to go skating at Rockefeller Plaza next year.

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pamajama said...

A couple more lessons and we should go to NY anyway, maybe the rink in the park? It would be way cool on a weekday.