Friday, August 1, 2008

Week in Review.....

A very fun, busy week- it was crawesome (crazy + awesome)! Griffin has been making up some new words lately. We went to a couple of concerts, the beach, a summerfest with fireworks, had a sleepover- but first we celebrated a birthday...

Now, I'm not saying this boy is special or anything- but the sun just doesn't bother to shine until John wakes up. We had a nice birthday dinner a day early. Just our family and John's good friend Mike. John didn't want us to sing to him (we did anyway) but he was ok about receiving gifts. As his present we had his pictures from his Europe adventure developed- all 900+ of them! He said I can see them as soon as he takes out some of the pics from Amsterdam. I'm not sure why he thinks I would be offended by pictures of canals, tulips and windmills but whatever.

The reason John's birthday was celebrated early- we were given tickets to see Sheryl Crow! A great concert- James Blunt opened up and he was so fun and energetic. Not what I expected. I like many of Sheryl's songs but this one is a favorite- the one that got us up and dancing! And I love the lyrics. Thanks to Pam and her dh Ray for giving us the tickets.

Wednesday- the perfect beach day. Finally the water was warm enough for me to go in. We had a nice picnic lunch, rode the SkyRide one way then walked back down the boardwalk. Some of the best people watching can be done on the Seaside Heights boardwalk.

Home movies-

James Blunt

Hot Rocks - a Rolling Stones cover band

and fireworks.

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PamelaJ said...

Man, it scares me when you send your sweet readers over to my psychiatric blogspital.

Seriously, watching you & your wonderful husband dance at the Sheryl Crowe concert brought tears to my eyes. Rarely do I see such love! The expression on your face was so blissful you looked like a 17-year old. What a perfect match.

I can't even explain how much I loved it! Fun times.