Saturday, August 16, 2008

Shopping Spree

Saturday morning garage sales- the best. I've been checking Craig's List for some time now looking for a gas clothes dryer. Well we hit pay dirt today- a three year old dryer from a house that was only used on the weekends- $100!

Will I miss this in my kitchen?..........

Not likely- but it didn't bother me as much as some people seemed to think it should have.

We also purchased a few things for John to take with him to his rental house- a flip chair-$10 , a desk- $15 (but he hates it), a bed frame-$10, a set of dishes- $10, a new bike-$5 (his was just stolen right out of our yard). I got a few more X-mas ornaments-$1 each (and just what I needed), a brand new pair of Reebok sneakers-$15, a couple pairs of shorts, a few other things. Griffin and Riley are out now with Tim picking up their big garage sale buy- a full drum set and a Fender Strat electric guitar!!! Both for $200! It's gonna be a little noisy around here for a bit. Tomorrow morning we're going to go pick up two new mattress/box spring sets from a Craig's list ad-$25 each. And then I think we might be done with our shopping spree!

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